What Our Clients Say

“As first-time owners of a senior living facility, Renaissance was instrumental in helping us understand various aspects of making the building a safe, comfortable home for our residents.  From the beginning, we wanted the place to have a family atmosphere full of fun, healthy living where people would want to reside.  Indeed, with Renaissance’s hands-on, watchful approach, that is what has been created.  We live hundreds of miles away from the facility yet have no worries because we know Renaissance is on duty.  If an employee ever moves on, Renaissance finds a replacement as soon as possible as well as sends someone from their own staff to pick up the load until that replacement is found.  If we have questions, answers are prompt, courteous, and thorough.  We are more involved than most owners, but that doesn’t ruffle feathers at Renaissance either.  We feel fully informed about budget, needs at the facility, and any other information we want to know.  They are a professional yet down-home, personable group, and we are thankful for each of them.”

Steve and Jennifer Smith, Owners
Crown Cypress Assisted Living Community and Crown Cypress At Home

“I have appreciated the help and support you (Renaissance Senior Communities) have provided me and the shareholders of Palmetto Bank in handling the difficult matters relating to our loans in senior housing.  Clearly your efforts have helped us maximize the return to the bank of otherwise very troublesome properties.  The care you have shown the residents and the professionalism with which you have handled the operations of the facilities has been remarkable and most appreciated.”

John R. Hanson, PhD,
Senior Vice President, The Palmetto Bank

“You would be hard-pressed to find anyone with better qualifications than Ralph.  There are very few if any people in the industry who have Ralph’s combination of experience, knowledge, intelligence, creativity, credibility and common sense.  Ralph has earned the respect and admiration of all those in the senior care field who have had the privilege of working with him.  If you hire Ralph to manage your assisted living communities, you will have the good fortune of having a true professional on your team”.

Joel Goldman, Esq.,
Hanson, Bridgett, Marcus, Vlahos & Rudy Attorneys at Law

“I have been engaged as legal counsel to an indenture trustee on a number of distressed bond deals in which Ralph Bellande and his company were brought in as a replacement manager to turn-around a troubled facility.  We have had very good results with Ralph in terms of his recognizing problems and implementing corrective actions, which in turn led to bottom line benefits to operations.  We have a great degree of trust in Ralph and his company, which has been earned both by the bottom line results, as well as actions that I would believe are otherwise rare in the management business to assist both us and the project”.

Douglas Darbut, Esq.
Holland and Knight Attorneys at Law

“Ralph’s firm stabilized and grew the net income over a 3 year period, much to the benefit of the Trustee and Bondholders.  Management reporting and communication with the Trustee was top notch and always timely.  I have enjoyed the professional working relationship with Ralph and would not hesitate to hire him to manage future appointments for US Bank, as Trustee”.

Keith Marshall, VP,
US Bank